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Welcome to Stonegate Community Health Centre

Stonegate CHC has been providing primary health care, health promotion and a wide variety of community programs to the Stonegate-Parklawn Community since it was created by community members in 1992.

Our Mission is to work with this community to improve its well-being.

We provide comprehensive, co-ordinated, primary health care, illness prevention and health promotion for individuals, families, groups as well as community-level interventions. Our dedicated team of professionals provide coordinated programs and services aimed at maintaining wellness and improving health of people of all ages.

I love Stonegate; it is the best thing that ever happened to this community. The programs really helped me when I was sick because they provided enjoyable activities where I could get out of the house, meet people, and become more sociable. It truly has something for everyone –seniors and kids programs, doctors and nurses – along with a very multicultural environment. Julie

Go to Becoming a Client at Stonegate CHC to learn more and to find out how you can start using our services.

Stonegate CHC is governed by a Board of Directors as a charitable organization funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care through an agreement with the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network. We are an accredited Community Health Centre and a member of the Association of Ontario Health Centres. Stonegate CHC is in the Stonegate Plaza at the corner of Berry Road and Stephen Drive – a 10 minute bus ride from Old Mill Station.

What's New

Recovering From (another) Flood:  Message from Bev Leaver

As many of you know, Stonegate CHC sustained major water daStonegate under constructionmage in early September caused by a break in our sprinkler system.  Our entire basement was damaged and has been closed to us since September 3rd.  We are told that it will take up to six months to repair the basement. 

We were able to repurpose several rooms on the main level of the Health Centre to become 6 exam\treatment spaces and now have approval to proceed to convert other spaces to four additional exam\treatment rooms.  Clients using the care of our physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitian, chiropodist, diabetes team and asthma educator will continue to receive their care at the Health Centre at 150 Berry Road.  Our dental clinic is fully operational at this location.

While we don't have enough spaces to operate a full capacity until the first floor renovations are complete, we are seeing clients for the full hours of our normal operations.  

When we build back the lower level, two large rooms will be constructed allowing programs and the Health Promotion team to return to the Health Centre.  This return is expected to be before the end of April, 2015. 

Temporary Relocation of Group Programs and Counselling - 1243 Islington Avenue, Suite 800

The Health Promotion team and all group programs will be temporarily relocated to 1243 Islington, Suite 800 – this is just north of Bloor Street and steps from the Islington subway station exit on the east side of Islington. 

Our Counselling, Community Food Programs and our Health Promotion Team will be moving to that location.  All of the programs that are currently running in our program room at 150 Berry Road will move to this location in mid November. 

Many of our Early Years Programs and afterschool programs will continue to operate out of Christ Church St. James Church, St. Mark’s School and Parklawn School. 

The phone number at the Islington 416-232-0700 – and our program calendar will be published on our website.

We will do our best to address the barriers the new location creates for some local participants. Clients facing barriers to accessing services at our Islington site should identify those barriers to staff they are most comfortable talking to, so our team can work to eliminate them as best we can.  Programs will return to Stonegate CHC in 4 - 6 months, likely by April 2015. 


Development of Stonegate Plaza Lands

Regarding the development, VanDyk has shared the following concept drawings

VanDyk posts updates at  They have applied for site plan approval – details are published on the City’s website: .  Currently their estimate for the completion of the first building that is planned to house Stonegate CHC is fall of 2016.

We continue to work through the Capital approval process with the Ministry of Health and the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (our operations funder).  This process is slow and challenging, but we have the full support of our MPP Peter Milczyn.  A major breakthrough was achieved last week, when our operating funder – the TC-LHIN agreed to support an increase in our budget to afford the costs of having a larger, appropriately sized Community Health Centre.

Stonegate CHC Board of Directors is planning to organize a community meeting in early December to update the community.  We have heard from some community members that they are looking for a forum to discuss the changes underway in this neighbourhood. 

As soon as the dates are confirmed, we will advertise through electronic and print methods.


2014 Fundraiser for Fresh Food!

For the fifth season in a row, the Stonegate CHC is teaming up with the community to help put additional food on the table of those in need in our area. Our aim is to match last year’s Good Food Box Holiday Drive donations, in order to purchase over 300 Good Food Boxes for community members dealing with food and hunger issues.

We rely on your generous support as poverty is serious concern in the Stonegate Community, where 28% of families and 38% of children are living in poverty. This year more than ever, Stonegate needs your help. At the beginning of 2014, the Valu-Mart, Polish deli, Outreach Store, pharmacy, post office and convenience stores were forced to close due to plaza redevelopment. Our community has been a food desert ever since, without access to healthy food in the neighbourhood.
$18 buys a local family in need a large size Good Food Box brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables as a gift for the holidays.  We are asking that you consider sponsoring one or more boxes in order to help less fortunate families enjoy fresh, healthy foods.
A $50 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 3 families in need.
A $100 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 6 families in need.
A $250 donation provides Good Food Boxes to 15 families in need.
For more information or to make a donation, please connect with Julia Graham, at 416.231.7070 ext. 229 or click here to give on-line. Charitable tax receipts are available for every donation.

Important Update from Bev Leaver, Executive Director

Stonegate CHC will reopen on September 10th as planned. Unfortunately, last week, we experienced major water damage to our basement. It will be months before we can use our lower level.

Programs that take place on the first floor or off site will continue as planned.

We are arranging for an alternate location to see clients who see our Health Care Providers whose offices were in the basement.

If you need to see or speak to your Health Care Provider or any of our staff, please call the regular phone number 416-231-7070 and we will respond to your request.

I will update regularly as our plans for an alternate location are finalized.

Thank you for your patience during this very difficult time.



Measles Vaccination

There have been 12 cases of measles in Ontario since January 2014. Some of these involve people from the Greater Toronto Area who travelled to South East Asia or Europe. Others did not travel but got sick with measles after coming into contact with people who did.

If you or your children have not yet been vaccinated against measles, we strongly urge you to consider doing so. Measles poses significant health risks to very young children, people with chronic illnesses and pregnant women who have not been immunized. We have heard that on average, a person with measles can infect 15 other people, compared to a person with the flu who infects on average 2 other people. Complications of measles can include death.

We have included the most up-to-date information about measles and the measles vaccine with this letter. If you believe you or your children have been exposed to measles, please call us immediately at (416) 231?7070. If you need to be vaccinated, please book an appointment. We can answer your questions and provide the care that you need, including give vaccinations.


Dr. Shannon Cohane

Dr. Tracy Lappa-Walker

Dr. Itamar Tamari

Cristina Hermenegildo, NP-PHC

Crystal Lawrence, NP-PHC

Shelley Walkerley, NP-PHC, Ph.D

Yulia Chayka, RN

For more information about measles, please visit this City of Toronto website site

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities

Please visit the Accessibility section of our website for more information on how Stonegate CHC is supporting accessible customer service.